Harmonizing Wellness.
Transforming Beauty.

Our transformative treatments and indulgent therapies are designed to enhance natural beauty and nurture inner serenity, guided by a dedicated team of skilled professionals.


From Humble Beginnings to Radiant Transformations

Nurturing Beauty, Inspiring Confidence

At Gig Harbor Medical Spa, we understand that overall health and the aging process is unique to each person. Our dedicated professionals are passionate about tailoring treatments that address your concerns and aspirations. From the moment you arrive, you are the focus of our attention. Our goal is to provide not only exceptional care but also provide an atmosphere of comfort and authenticity. Let us join you in your personal journey to becoming your “best self”. Discover the warmth of Gig Harbor Medical Spa – where your story becomes our passion.

Our Comprehensive Services

Discover a world of rejuvenation, confidence and aging gracefully with our comprehensive range of services at Gig Harbor Medical Spa. From our injectable services and skin care to comprehensive health, weight loss and hormone replacement we offer solutions designed to enhance your natural beauty and help you feel your best. Our team of experienced professionals is committed to tailoring treatments to your unique needs and goals.

Medical Services

An elevated healthcare experience, providing tailored solutions and dedicated attention to your unique wellness needs.


Aesthetician Services

Personally tailored services to nurture your skin's health and radiance.


A sophisticated approach to achieving timeless beauty, with expertly administered treatments that enhance and restore your natural radiance.


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Secure your path to serenity and self-care by scheduling your appointment at Gig Harbor Medical Spa.

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Our Gallery

Witness the remarkable enhancements that our services offer, from the subtle refinements of injectables to the radiant transformations achieved through our specialized skincare treatments. These images not only showcase the expertise of our professionals but also serve as a testament to the personalized care that underpins each treatment plan.


Book Your Appointment Today!

Secure your path to serenity and self-care by scheduling your appointment at Gig Harbor Medical Spa.


Skin Care

Gig Harbor Medical Spa offers a diverse range of advanced skincare products. These high-quality products offer a blend of science-backed formulations and luxurious self-care, enabling you to maintain healthy, glowing skin from the comfort of your home.

Face Reality Skincare
Face Reality Skincare is a leading brand renowned for its effective acne treatments and personalized skincare solutions, delivered through Certified Acne Experts, transforming lives with clear and healthy skin.
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